Last October I hosted a Frocktober event at our property, Berawinnia, to raise money for ovarian cancer research. I had heard about Frocktober from frock-loving Tis Milner and we hatched a plan to organise an event. 30 frocked folk came for a morning tea, frock swap, nail polish and to help create a large frocked lady with natural materials with a long bird net train.

During that same month our friend Patti was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She sadly passed away in December. The urgency to raise funds for an early detection test for ovarian cancer had become very real. There are no definitive tests or screening tools for ovarian cancer, we need to change this as too many beautiful women are dying from this secretive cancer.

So this year’s Frocktober event has become much larger, with a goal of raising $20,000. It is set at the beautiful Hallett Cove Conservation Park, which I’ve discovered is very close to the Hallett Cove Beach Train Station. This sustainable event invites participants to register and gather donations:

(Firstly click Register, then Register in the Froctober 2019 box, anywhere in the world. Then choose $25 pack , fill in your details, when you get to “‘set up your fundraising page choose “”join a team” choose Coastal Catwalk, then choose the amount of donations you are hoping to achieve.)

We will catch the train to Hallett Cove Beach station, where we will stroll through the park to Heron Way Reserve (approx. 2.5km) The ‘Frocktober Village’ will have amazing food, coffee, foot massage, frock art and time to show off your frock! Dulcie’s Bus of Opportunity will be there to sell vintage frocks (this amazing bus raises money for Hutt St Centre – you may have seen it at Garden of Unearthly Delights!) At 2pm we will be taking the large ‘frock lady’ to the amphitheatre to hold her bird net train, while a drone takes photos of us all.

You can find ‘Coastal Catwalk’ on Facebook – please check for updates, pre-ordering food and more details. Only adults need to register ($25), children are free. Please encourage your friends and families to sponsor you as we are aiming for each registrant to be sponsored up to a total of $100.

Hope to see you there. Thank you for your support. I look forward to seeing your beautiful frocks and walking in Patti’s footsteps on one of her favourite walks.

Jacqui Hunter