Willunga Cares is an informal group of people who live in or near Willunga who have met for the past 6 months to discuss, research and find answers to the question What do we need to do to plan a comfortable and interesting future as best we can and stay in the place we all love – Willunga?

We want to meet with our fellow residents of Willunga and surrounds to tell them about our findings so far and learn if there are other people who share our visions and ideas.

We want to know if they are willing to plan together the steps we need to take by mapping the services and gaps in our area, developing more community based services, volunteering, exploring a library of aged care things and even encouraging well designed aged care housing & accommodation.

We are organising an informal public gathering at the Willunga Show Hall, Main Road Willunga, Thursday, 11 April 2019, 7pm, to discuss where we’re all at in a friendly cosy atmosphere, with cups of tea, wine, biscuits and titbits.
For further details or to make a booking please contact Liz Elder 0412435041, Don Chapman 0488092508