Coastal Views recently caught up with well-known South Australian artist Sophie Dunlop, who has just made the momentous decision to move permanently to Aldinga.

Sophie Dunlop (Master of Fine Arts) was born in Sydney in 1971. She comes from a family of artists, her father being the late Brian Dunlop. Throughout her childhood, she travelled extensively and learnt from her father and his peers.

Sophie grew up and studied in Sydney and in 2003 she moved to Adelaide. She works full time as an artist and previously had her studio in the historic precinct of Port Adelaide.

Known mainly for her still-life painting, Sophie Dunlop is inspired by the humble props that adorn her studio, gathered from a local market or from her travels abroad. Sophie relishes the unique and intricate details of each object she portrays.

Her meticulous style is countered with a curious eye and unconventional composition, to provide the viewer with a fresh yet thoughtful vision of the familiar. Echoing the evocative design of oriental rugs and embroidery, Sophie imbues her subject matter with a quality that goes beyond the surface.

She uses intensified colour and perception so that the viewer transcends the surface of the canvas to taste and smell the succulent flesh of the fruit she paints or to feel the luxurious texture of the exotic fabrics.

According to Sophie, the decision to move to Aldinga was an easy one.

“Two years ago I moved to the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula,” she said. “I quickly fell in love with the relaxed and community focused culture here and find the landscape, produce and lifestyle a source of daily inspiration in my work.

“I have been running art classes in Adelaide for 10 years now, and am now offering a class for beginners in McLaren Flat at the Pruners Hut Winery.

“Students will be inspired to create their artworks in these tranquil surroundings and with careful and skilled tuition, they will learn techniques that help their artistic expression,” said Sophie.

About the art classes

Classes are taught over 8 weeks and commence in the first week of February.

New class starting in McLaren Flat at The Pruner’s Hut Winery Wednesday mornings 10am – 1pm

This course will build drawing skills and introduce students to painting techniques including tone, proportion, perspective, colour theory and composition.

For more information:
P: 0403 688 077