FESTIVAL FLEURIEU is the biennial festival of the Fleurieu Coast. Planning for 2021 has begun.

The following are welcomed to the 2019-2021 Festival Fleurieu Board:

Desmond Ford – Chair, Libby Robertson – Secretary, Joy Whellum – Treasurer,

Rachael Azzopardi, Sara Gioiosa, Maurene McEwen, Anne Petch, Heather Teakle .

These generous people are volunteers who share a creative vision for our that will celebrate the arts, culture, community and environment of the FLEURIEU COAST to boost the Fleurieu’s cultural economy.

During the months leading to the next festival, the Board will review its Terms of Reference, seek a Festival Co-ordinator and search for secure funding for April 2021. The wealth of talent and experience in festival management and programming, with organisational skills and knowledge of festival structures, combined with a zest for celebrating and renewing the love that binds us, is heartening and bodes very well for a vibrant future.

…….and talking of the future, keep a watch for a quirky look at local history during History Month 2020


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