Yes, mobile phones are practical and are perhaps a necessity in 2019…but for some, mobile phones are considered essential and are commodities they simply cannot live without. Truth of the matter is that mobiles have been evolving so fast in the past 15 years that today our devices are literally speaking to us, guiding us, helping our decisions making process and even manage our lives.

Although smartphones have helped us get through our work routines and plan our weekend outings, they’ve also been robbing us of our time and taking precious attention away from other life’s necessities such as time with friends and family.

MoodOff Day Initiative

The problem has been in our face this whole time, but very few will admit to it- having a smartphone addiction problem that is. Luckily, MoodOff Day is back again and in full force sending us a friendly reminder to simply SWITCH OFF for 5 hours this February 24 2019.

MoodOff Day is an Australian initiative that launched in 2011 to create awareness of the impacts caused by smartphone addiction. Although the charity challenges participants to switch off their mobile phones once a year to find out just how addicted they are, it also maintains initiatives throughout the year addressing issues such as texting while driving, cyber bullying and the degradation of social skills in young phone users. 

MoodOff Day charity has already reached into 42 countries and with the help of (hopefully more) media inclusions in television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online – the initiative will grow even bigger this February and for years to come.

Signs of SmartPhone addiction

Smartphones do have have a high level of practicality, increase the feeling of being secure and encourages communication. Let’s remind ourselves how safe we feel knowing that we have access to a mobile phone in case of emergency or knowing that we can communicate with our children during and after school hours.  We cannot avoid or reject any technological advancements but we can definitely reduce the negative impacts linked to smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction has not yet been listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) although research on the subject clearly indicates that having a smartphone addiction problem can be compared to having a gambling addiction.

Here is what the scientific community have discovered so far about having a smartphone addiction

    Feeling a constant need to use, check your phone

    Feelings of irritability, restlessness, anxiousness if not able to use your smartphone device or it being out of battery

    Excessive usage of mobile phone to the point where the user loses the sense of time

    The user turns to the smartphone to avoid anxiety, sadness or even depression

If someone you love has experienced these symptoms, chances are they are demonstrating clear signs of smartphone addiction.

Show your loved ones you care – pledge to switch off for 5 hours this February 24th 2019 and see if you ARE addicted…

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