A special public meeting on bushfire preparedness
Guest Speakers: Leon Bignell MP and Sarah Harris from the CFS Community Engagement team

7.30 pm Wednesday 12th February

Please note new venue:

Main Meeting Room
Aldinga Library
11 Central Avenue
(Entry via side door)

The recent devastating fires on Kangaroo Island and in the Adelaide Hills have made us all very aware of the potential danger of uncontrolled bushfires.

Leon Bignell MP. who has spent a lot of time at the fire front on Kangaroo Island, and Sarah Harris from the CFS. will discuss such topics as:

What would our community do in the event of a catastrophic situation?

How can we be prepared?

Where are the nominated ‘safe areas’ in our suburbs?

What fire related communication protocols would exist for residents during a bush fire or other emergency?

Are we to be serviced as a metropolitan or rural area?

Is there any special resourcing our community may need to handle any such emergency?

These are some of the questions this public meeting hopes to cover, plus others from the audience.

We trust our readers will appreciate the potential value to all of us, that holding this information meeting at this time is, and hope to see you there!

Presented by the Aldinga Bay Residents Association Inc.