Hello, I’m Anne Bourne, the Greens Candidate for Mayo. I live in Goolwa and am self-employed there as a psychologist. I am a single parent and proud grandmother.

I have worked for over 45 years in community services and health in various capacities – as a psychologist, counsellor, community development worker, and in management, social and health policy development, research, quality assurance, project management, occupational health and safety, equal opportunity and adult education.

I have worked with children, adolescents and adults; survivors of violence and abuse, homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, children in foster care, indigenous communities, the gay and lesbian community, and people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Why vote for me? Because I have integrity, honesty and respect for all. I have the ability to think carefully about complex and long term solutions to problems we are facing right now, and into the future.

A vote for me and The Greens is a vote for all Australians. It is a vote for economic and environmental sustainability, for peace and non-violence, for justice and fairness for all, and for the importance of all citizens being able to meaningfully engage in the democratic process.

Only the Greens have a comprehensive plan to tackle climate change; to establish a renewable economy, to create new jobs, and to support workers and communities to transition from fossil fuel industries to cheaper and reliable energy.

I am standing for The Greens because they are the party that has compelled the major parties to listen and respond to issues such as climate change, marriage equality, the Banking Royal Commission, the Disability Royal Commission, and a national anti-corruption ICAC. The major parties are still failing to address the big issues: growing economic and social inequality, increasing costs, decreased housing affordability, ecological devastation of the Murray Darling Basin and endangered species, and accompanying impacts on agriculture, rural communities, our food and water supplies.

I want Australia to meet its responsibilities as a global citizen, and be respected for leadership in human rights. I want a country that is visionary and innovative, seeking practical and inclusive solutions to challenges we face, based on solid research and science applied with compassion and concern for all Australians

I am ready to represent you in Canberra.

If you would like more information about The Australians Greens and our policies please visit our web page greens.org.au.

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