On 18 May, voters in Mayo will join their fellow Australians to choose their government for the next three years.
Voting isn’t simply a democratic right. It’s a democratic responsibility. It’s important that we exercise it by considering not only what’s best for us, but for our community and our nation.

Mayo is my community and my home. I’m standing for election as a member of the Liberal team because I know our electorate, and our country, will be better off under a re-elected Coalition Government with a strong record of successful economic management which has delivered great outcomes for Mayo.

I’m a mother of two who cares deeply about the future we’re creating for our children. I’ve got experience in law, diplomacy and public policy, working to help create a better a future. I want to give back to the community I have always called home, and that’s why I’m working hard to earn your support.

I’m standing as part of a team whose successful management of the economy is delivering a Budget surplus for first time in years, more than $150 billion in personal income tax relief for 94% of Australians, investing $100 billion in roads and other infrastructure, providing record funding for health, education and aged care, guaranteeing Medicare, keeping Australians safe, and securing our borders.

Our community and our country cannot risk the election of a Labor government and its $387 billion in new taxes. Our economy can’t afford Bill Shorten’s higher taxes on retirees, housing, income, investments, family businesses and cars.

A vote for any other candidate in Mayo only helps Bill Shorten and Labor.
I have a vision for Mayo. It’s been informed by thousands of conversations and meetings with residents, businesses, local governments and community groups, and it relies on a strong economy managed by a re-elected Coalition Government.

My vision includes increasing the availability of vital services such as public transport, upgrading our local hospitals and other health services (especially mental health), reducing the cost of living and doing business, and ensuring quality care for older and disabled Australians. It includes stronger support for key industries in Mayo like agriculture and tourism.

My vision includes caring for our coasts, supporting local initiatives addressing climate change along with Australia being part of meaningful global efforts to reduce emissions, protection of our natural heritage and delivering a Basin Plan which ensures the health of the River Murray.

And it includes smart infrastructure investments to bust congestion, create jobs and trade for local businesses, deliver reliable and effective broadband and mobile communications, and create healthier and safer communities. An example is my advocacy for Federal investment in safer intersections as part of the duplication of Main South Road.

My vision is never going to be complete, nor should it. It will evolve and develop because it’s primarily about always working with the people of Mayo to make our community a better place. It’s not just my vision; it’s your vision too.