Helen was born in Sydney and lived there until she was 7 when her parents decided they would move to Adelaide and Helen has lived in Adelaide ever since. She spent a year in the US as an exchange student in an iconic part of the 60s.

Helen discovered the AJP by chance in early 2018 and has been a member ever since. She was absolutely thrilled to find there’s a political party actually working for animals and she’s learnt so much from the AJP.

Helen volunteered in the SA state election last year, and has been an active member of the AJP Media Group for a year. She is very proud to stand as a candidate for the AJP as it is a wonderful example of what a political party really should be. Helen will do everything she can to work for it and help and promote it in every way possible.

Helen has a BSc (1969) in Physics and Maths from Flinders University, and a Dip Ed (1988) from Adelaide University. Helen mostly worked as a Senior Research Officer, first leading a science research team at the University of Adelaide for over 20 years. Then at the SA Police Department where she gained experience in a wider range of issues including legal work, demography and women’s issues. Like the police department, a political party is involved across the full range of issues of its citizens. Helen feels she can offer that versatility, and has a very strong vocation to help animals.

*Taken from the Animal Justice Party website