At the Council Meeting on the 17th of March 2020, council received a “Compliance Report” into Cars on the Beach.

After representations from the Aldinga Bay Residents Association and other interested groups, South Coast Ward Councillor Simon McMahon moved a motion that would have seen the former Cars on Beaches Advisory Group re-established and that the group be invited to contribute to a council workshop.

This motion was subsequently amended by Councillor Wayne Olsen who is elected to a ward that does not include Aldinga Bay, Sellicks or Port Willunga. Councillor Olsen’s amendment took out the word “contribute” which results in ABRA not having an opportunity to contribute during the workshop. The amendment also removed references to the advisory group, and therefore council will not be at this stage, re-establishing the group.

This is extremely disappointing as it removes a key step that ABRA and other groups have long fought to establish and maintain- that all relevant groups be informed before any changes to Cars on the Beaches, whether through bylaws, council motions or by other methods.

While the outcome of this workshop is not yet known, it is possible that it could include changes to the current compliance measures, which without proper consultation with the Aldinga Bay community through ABRA, we would oppose. ABRA will advertise the timing of this workshop so that interested members can come and watch the Councillors debate this issue.

ABRA remains committed to representing the view of our members which has been reaffirmed on numerous occasions that Cars on the Beach should remain in place and that removing cars under the veil of increase compliance measures is not an appropriate method of handling legitimate concerns over the future of our beaches. ABRA will seek the support of all Councillors to maintain current beach access and that the any changes to this only ever be initiated by the residents of Aldinga Bay, not council staff or politicians

ABRA thanks both South Coast Ward Councillors for their ongoing support for this cause, as well as the Councillors who supported Councillor McMahon’s motion in the chamber.