In December of 2018, Minister of Transport Stephan Knoll announced that planning of the $305m Main South Road Duplication will commence. The State Government has committed to deliver Stage 1 of the project which will involve the duplication of approximately 10 kilometres of Main South Road from Griffiths Drive in Seaford to Aldinga.

Stage 2 would continue the duplication of Main South Road for approximately 6 kilometres from Aldinga to Sellicks Beach. Great news from the Minister which publicly reinforced the Main South Road Action Group’s discussion with Mr Knoll back in October last year.

In early December the group met with Georgina Downer, Liberal for Mayo, to bring her up to speed with what the community had achieved to date and discuss the groups vision for the Duplication. Georgina expressed her interest in our endeavour to build the best possible road for the future and understands how important it is to have a safe road to accommodate the anticipated growth in traffic volumes in the near future. Georgina said that she is ready to take the matter to the Federal Government, if additional funding is required, for upgraded intersections with the aim of free-flowing traffic.

We are in a great position to achieve the road the community needs. Until the community is presented with plans, the group will continue to press the Government on the issue of upgraded intersections and public consultation. It’s clear that this initial announcement is for the planning stage, which reminds us that we might still have a long road ahead of us.

Dale Grimmond of the Main South Road Action Group