Today at the site of the New Aldinga B-12 School, the Education Minister and Premier released the short-listed names for the school currently being built on Quinliven Road.

The Department for Education is now looking for feedback from our community on which is their preference.

The three shortlisted names are ‘Payinthi Coastal College’, ‘Payinthi Southern College’ and ‘Aldinga College B-12’.

The word ‘Payinthi’ (pronounced ‘bay-in-di’) is a Kaurna Aboriginal word that means ‘to seek, look for, examine, be thinking’.

Aldinga Bay Residents Association (ABRA) is working with the Department to hold a public meeting about the progress of the school where community members can also put questions to the Department about all aspects of the school.

Votes and suggestions for alternate names can be submitted via this link

Voting closes on Friday 2nd of October 2020