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A Simple Mistake
Marion Ferguson

Somehow she had accidentally left a message on his answering machine.

She had meant to call her friend Ruby, but, their numbers being similar,

she had called him by mistake.

It was an innocuous message;

‘Hi Babe. Let’s get together. Call me.’

Still, she was a little disappointed that he hadn’t called back.


The Deep Well
Dick Inwood

From the start of life until the end, nothing is lost, the good, bad, joyful or sad.

The Deep Well, the inner self knows who you are, indelibly stamped, no chance of being revamped.

Experiences in childhood, adolescence and mature years have an allocated space, like a haunting distant face.

It also holds demons in its depths. I had one. I remember it well. A Tapeworm I called Pete. He measured Twentytwo feet.

For ten years he used me as a host, for me he was an uncomfortable lodger. An artful dodger.

Evicted four times by powerful means he’d reveal his length, but always came back.

His body he’d shed, but leave his head.