Richard Peat JP Councillor, South Coast Ward

City of Onkaparinga Council continues to appeal the State Commission Assessment Panel’s (SCAP) decision regarding the Winwest “Latitude” application to build multi storey buildings on Aldinga Beach Road, Aldinga Beach, referring the development back to the Environment, Resources and Development Court (ERD)


The Environment, Resources and Development Court (ERD) resolved to conduct conferences to assist the parties to explore possible resolution of the development without resorting to a formal costly hearing (trial). Conferences are confidential.

Conferences were conducted on 9 August and 15 November 2018 and attended by Council, three other parties, Winwest and the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP). At the conference on 15 November 2018 Winwest indicated that it would put a revised proposal to a meeting of Council for its consideration seeking agreement on a compromise to ‘settle’ the appeal and avoid a hearing. Winwest also requested that they be allowed to give a Deputation on the revised plans at a Council meeting on 21 May 2019 where the Winwest representatives presented the revised plans and explain the changes made from the original plans and responded to Elected Member’s questions.

Council considered the revised plans against the Development Plan and the District Centre Zone and determined not to approve the revised plans and to refer the project back to the ERD Court for their consideration. The matter will be kept confidential until Council’s appeal is finalised in the ERD Court.

Following Council’s decision of 21 May 2019 to not accept Winwest’s revised proposal and as part of the appeal proceedings for the ‘Latitude’ development on Aldinga Beach Road, the ERD Court has adjourned the matter to 30 August 2019. This was requested by Winwest to enable time for them to consider their next steps.

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