Joshua Reiter

Joshua is 26 who has lived in Aldinga Beach for about 8 years, choosing to move here after first visiting the Aldinga Eco Village on a high school excursion. Since moving here Joshua has jumped into helping the community by joining groups like ABRA, as well as supporting a range of issues impacting the community. He loves walking around in the scrub or along the beach. He sees ABRA as a vehicle to ensure that resident’s have their voices heard so that Aldinga continues to be a great place to live!

Lorraine Rosenberg

Lorraine has a list of achievements for our local community which is phenomenal. From Managing the Local ‘Natural Resources Management’ Board, to serving on council for over three decades, she has the Aldinga Community at the front of her mind. After retiring from Council in 2018, she has joined a dozen local groups including ABRA and is an avid Port Power fan.

Mos Day

Mos is our local arts icon! Having a strong passion for theatre and arts facilities, she is an active and tireless advocate for her community. Mos also has a desire to ensure that our Aldinga Bay maintains its character for all to enjoy.

Nathan Reiter

Nathan is a life-long local who has lived in Aldinga all of his life. As an IT professional who has worked in local schools for about 15 years, he has a passion for helping utilize technology to communicate with all aspects of our community. He believes in standing up for our community and those who call this great area home!

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Dennis Wuttke

Marianne Stafford

Bernie Stafford

Anne Chittleborough

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