The Willunga Environment Centre (WEC), along with a number of other local community groups and individuals, has made a submission to the State Planning Commission re the future development and subdivision of the parcel of vacant land bounded by Quinliven Road, How Road and Aldinga Beach Road at Aldinga.

It will be a major, master planned development with approximately 1,000 house sites, and as such we feel it essential that it be developed in the most sustainable and environmentally aware manner possible.

Submissions close on March 25th, and the WEC are encouraging as many concerned local residents and groups as possible to make their voices heard.

You can lodge your submission at: SA.GOV.AU – Aldinga Suburban Neighbourhood amendment (

Here is the WEC submission:

Thursday 11th March 2021

The Chair, State Planning Commission
c/- Attorney-General’s Department
GPO Box 1815, Adelaide SA 5001

WEC Submission to RENEWAL SA re Aldinga Development Plan

As one of the leading environmental agencies in the Willunga Basin, The Willunga Environment Centre has a strong interest in the future development of the parcel of land described in the Aldinga Suburban Neighbourhood Development Plan.

We hope to see the successful tenderer for the project adopt suitable measures that will protect the natural environment, contribute to the sustainability of our region and add to the amenity and well being of its future residents.

These measures might include, but are not limited to:

That town gas not be made mandatory;

That all structures should achieve the highest possible sustainability ratings in terms of insulation, alignment, tree cover, etc.;

That proper provision be made for the management of storm-water run-off and the preservation of existing aquifers;

That generous provision be made for street tree planting, including a target for tree canopy and or vegetation cover

That room be allowed for biodiversity and nature in the open space and linear parks;

That lot sizes be sufficient for adequate vegetation cover;

That the utilisation of solar panels be encouraged and that neighbourhood storage batteries be considered;

That a generous proportion of open space and parkland be incorporated into the development, and finally;

That the successful developer consults with local environmental agencies to achieve the best possible outcomes.

South Australia, and in particular the Fleurieu Peninsula, already have an enviable reputation as leaders in environmental legislation. The Aldinga Suburban Neighbourhood Development Plan offers Renewal SA, and the South Australian Government, the opportunity to once again demonstrate national leadership.