Immediately after the AGM of the Willunga Environment Centre on Wednesday 23rd October, you’re invited to attend a fascinating talk by our Guest Speaker, Doug Yuille, on the current state of play with regard to Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef.

Doug is ideally placed to provide an accurate summary of the health of the Reef, having worked at the forefront of efforts to protect the Reef for future generations.

Given the conflicting reports in the media and elsewhere on what’s going on, this is a unique opportunity to get the facts from someone who knows.

7.00 pm
Wednesday 23rd October
Willunga Environment Centre
15 High Street WILLUNGA SA



A bit about Coral reefs
GBR ecological values
GBR economic values

The Decline of the GBR
Decline indicators
Drivers of decline
Crown of Thorns Seastar – the great debate
Agricultural impacts
Other long term impacts
Climate change and CO2

The Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS)
Long term monitoring program
The GBR water quality protection program and subsequent ‘Reef Plans’
The GBR Marine Park Authority
Science Consensus Reports
Reef Rescue (Aust Govt) and Reef Regulation and assistance package (State Govt)

Political complications
Failure to enforce regulations
Federal Government
GBR Foundation

Future of the GBR
Climate change and CO2 – is it manageable?
What values can we save in our lifetime and how?


About Doug Yuille

Since August 2012 Doug has been the WWF Brisbane policy manager for freshwater, with a focus on agricultural pollution of waterways impacting the Great Barrier Reef. Prior to his role at WWF, Doug spent 4 years as Director, Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection, Reef Policy, implementing a $50M, 5 year program to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the impacts of cane farming and cattle grazing, believed to be causing a significant decline in hard coral cover. The program involved a package of new regulation, research and extension, focusing on fertiliser, pesticides and sediment pollution.

Prior government roles have included:

  • water policy adviser to the Queensland Natural Resources Minister (led development of a water conservation program during the 2005 drought when the main water supply dam was threatening to be unable to supply the City of Brisbane and South East Queensland),
  • environmental policy adviser to the Lord Mayor of Brisbane (led Australia’s rainwater tank subsidy scheme, which was highly successful and influenced numerous other local governments to follow suit),
  • Industry and Community Consultation Officer for introduction of the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994, and
  • Environment and Land Use Planning policy adviser in the Queensland Office of Cabinet.

Doug’s non-government roles include:

  • Greens candidate at local and state government levels, and
  • National Estate Campaign manager for the Wilderness Society leading direct action campaign to protect Fraser island from logging.

Doug grew up in central Queensland on a cattle grazing and grain farming property.