Willunga Environment Centre is celebrating a significant milestone with the implementation of its Tree Trail project, supported by the City of Onkaparinga and designed to identify, celebrate and record the achievements of some of Willunga’s loved trees.

Volunteers from the Centre have spent the last few months exploring Willunga and getting up close and personal with 28 trees that add to the beauty and amenity of the historic township of Willunga.

Precise measurements of each tree selected have been recorded on-site, and the data scientifically analysed to determine the tree’s actual contribution to the community regarding oxygen output, carbon-dioxide absorption and shade provided.


A weather-proof placard has been designed by a local artist detailing the vital statistics of each tree, and they have now been attached to the trees. (Main picture: From left Margret Keath, Tom Laing and Wendi Avery)

While similar tree-tagging projects have taken place in Adelaide and other parts of Australia, this is the first Citizen Scientist project of its kind in South Australia, carried out solely by concerned and motivated volunteers.

Willunga Environment Centre Manager Janine Anninos paid tribute to the hard work and dedication of the volunteers. “Thanks to their efforts,” said Janine, “residents of and visitors to Willunga will gain a new appreciation of the benefits of trees, and the difference they make to our lives.”

A brochure listing the details and location of each tree in the Willunga Tree Trail is available at the local Council offices and at the Willunga Environment Centre, 15 High Street Willunga.