In 2017, TechCollect sent out a call for primary and secondary students across Australia to help spread the e-waste recycling message in its third annual search for a national Young E-Waste Hero

Hamish Holt, a four year old boy from Hemmant. won second place in TechCollect’s Young E-Waste Hero competition.

His winning response was: “A story book with a super hero who collects old stuff.  He drives a recycling rocket. Don’t chuck it out…. recycle it in”

Hamish explains how he won his award:

Tell us a bit about the Young E-Waste Hero challenge and what made you decide to enter?

Mummy found it and we talked about recycling. Recycling garbage trucks are my favourite.

What was your entry idea and how did you come up with it?

A space rocket super hero that picks up e-waste to be recycled.

What will you do with your prize?

Buy an iPad.

Do you do any other things to help the environment? If so, tell us about what you do.

Put bottles and cardboard in the yellow bin. I take it with daddy each night.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d have a big monster truck job.

How are you going to spread the e-waste recycling message around your local community?

Tell my friends at kindy and sport.

Carmel Dollisson, Chief Executive Officer, TechCollect, says the youngest generation of Australians holds the key to a sustainable future.

“In Australia, e-waste continues to be a rapidly growing stream. As our hunger for new electronic devices continues to grow, we need to ensure young Australians are aware of the importance of responsibly recycling old electronic devices and that the practice becomes second nature in every household.

“TechCollect truly believes every young Australian has a role to play in making a difference to our environment. Recycling e-waste ensures our old and unused devices don’t end up in landfill, which can have a devastating effect on the environment and deny us the opportunity to reuse those valuable resources in new products.

“This is about protecting our future. We encourage kids to spread the word and remind older generations why responsible recycling of e-waste is so important. TechCollect’s Young E-Waste Hero competition is a great opportunity for all young Australians to have their voice heard and help spread the e-waste recycling message.

 “Parents can play a vital role too.  We encourage them to take the time to teach their kids how to recycle e-waste. This active role in the education process will help children understand the benefits of recycling old or unused devices,” adds Dollisson.

To find out more about responsible e-waste recycling and to find your local TechCollect drop off point visit: