After occupying the same premises at 18 High Street in Willunga for many years, the Willunga Environment Centre is moving directly across the street to number 15, into the building previously occupied by Bank SA.

The landmark building will be the Environment Centre’s new home for the many services it provides to the community of the Willunga Basin, including:

  • Workshops, Guest Speakers and Forums
  • Recycling Centre for Flouro globes and aluminium foil, mobile phones, corks, and bottles and cans. Drop off point for terracycle oral care products, beauty products, pens pencils and textas, media products and Fruit pouches.
  • “Unplug and drop” off point for Electronic Recycling Australia
  • Broad range of Natural Resources Management brochures and fact sheets
  • Free library with a huge range of books, dvd’s and magazines
  • Free hall hire for groups and meetings with access to data projector/screen
  • Equipment loans of Hamilton planters, home energy audit/ ph testing / water salinity kits
  • Referral service for Government agencies, local action groups and NRM services
  • Swap box where you bring in books, magazines etc and swap them for other publications
  • Large range of publications for sale either as gifts or for your own library
  • Tourist information service


The big move will take place in the last week of June, and the Centre hopes to be up and running from July 1.

Janine Anninos, Manager of the Willunga Environment Centre, will be busy for the next few weeks supervising a team of enthusiastic volunteers preparing for and performing the relocation. If you’d like to help, drop into the centre any time during business hours and speak to the volunteers on duty.